24 Hour Posturecare

Our 24 hour posturecare range was created in collaboration with occupational therapists (OT), physiotherapists, and care teams. Our sleep systems provide adaptable positioning options to support people lying – on their sides, backs, or prone position. Or seated – ensuring that they remain in the right position as much as is desired while still feeling comfortable. Some of our products can keep doing this work while being used in a wheelchair, bath, or even on the ground or a beach! The Burnett ReMould Therapy system which can be used in a hydro pool or bed, or festival field!

Anyone with challenging motor function 24 Hour Posturecare can maintain their body-shape, muscle balance, lessen pain. It can also contribute to enhanced bodily process and function, reducing the need for more invasive interventions.

Essentially 24 Hour Posturecare has the opportunity, when used correctly, to be literally life changing for those that need it.

What is 24 hour postural care?

A symmetrical body and stable posture are foundations for health and will support success in therapies and meaningful activities. Lots of people have symmetrical bodies and can assume a variety of different positions throughout the day and night. It is easy to take this for granted. For people with reduced motor function that limit their movement repertoire it is very different.

People using wheelchairs or other mobility devices are vulnerable to gravity because their variety of positions is typically limited. Children are at special risk during growth spurts. Poor alignment in day and night positions can lead to long-term problems like scoliosis and joint dislocations. Anyone who acquires a limited movement repertoire through injury or disease becomes at risk. Older people who may have been able-bodied earlier in life are affected as they age and move less.

24 hour posture care management is a gentle, non-invasive, inexpensive way to promote health and quality of life for people with motor impairments. It can protect the shape of a person’s body, help balance muscle tone, reduce pain, ease physical care, improve sitting posture and tolerance, and help people sleep better.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate comfort and safety with our carefully curated collection of Disability Bathing Solutions, now featuring innovative products from Burnett ReMould. Expertly designed to address the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, our comprehensive range offers diverse adaptive solutions to elevate your bathing experience while ensuring 24-hour posture care.

Discover the revolutionary Tilt in Space Shower Chair by Burnett ReMould, an essential addition for optimal support and maneuverability in the shower. This cutting-edge chair not only enhances accessibility but also incorporates sleep positioning features, contributing to holistic posture care.

Explore our selection of hi-lo baths, bath lifts, and shower chairs, all meticulously crafted to accommodate various mobility requirements. The inclusion of Burnett ReMould's innovative products ensures that your bathing space is not only safe but also adaptable to sleep positioning needs.

Integrate convenience into your daily routine with adaptive shower systems, featuring handheld showerheads, temperature controls, and anti-slip flooring options. Complementing these are purpose-built posture chairs and plinths, providing essential support and stability during bathing and contributing to overall posture seating.

Elevate your bathing space with inclusive bathroom furniture, including height-adjustable vanities and cabinets, specially tailored to meet varying mobility requirements. Our collection emphasizes both functionality and style, creating a barrier-free and aesthetically pleasing environment, ideal for 24-hour posture care.

Addressing sensory needs, our inclusive range of bathing products includes items with skin-sensitive materials and user-friendly controls. From easy-to-reach storage solutions to adaptive bathing technology, our selection, now enhanced by Burnett ReMould, caters to diverse accessibility requirements and sleep positioning aids.

Browse through our Disability Bathing Solutions category to create a personalized and inclusive sanctuary that prioritizes safety, comfort, 24-hour posture care, and the latest innovations in posture seating. At [Your Company Name], we are dedicated to making every bathing experience with Burnett ReMould products a relaxing and empowering one.

24 Hour Posturecare

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