Burnett ReMould Foot Pump


Burnett ReMould Foot Pump, is a pivotal component in the ReMould range from Care & Independence. Designed for vacuum molds, this user-friendly foot pump ensures efficient and controlled customization of supports for individualized care. Seamlessly integrating with the ReMould system, the Burnett Foot Pump exemplifies excellence in healthcare innovation. Elevate your patient care experience with this quality solution, shaping the future of personalized support. Trust Care & Independence for reliability and commitment to advancing patient-centric solutions.


Introducing the Burnett ReMould Foot Pump, a key component in the ReMould range from Care & Independence. Specifically designed for vacuum molds, this foot pump offers precision and efficiency in creating customized solutions for patient care.

Crafted with quality and innovation, the Burnett Foot Pump ensures a reliable and controlled vacuuming process for molding. Its user-friendly design allows for easy operation with the use of foot pressure, making it accessible for healthcare professionals seeking effective solutions in the ReMould range.

With a focus on versatility, this foot pump seamlessly integrates with vacuum molds, enabling the creation of bespoke supports for individuals requiring personalized care. The Burnett Foot Pump is a crucial element in the Care & Independence ReMould range, emphasizing a commitment to excellence and patient-centric solutions.

Experience the reliability and performance of the Burnett Foot Pump as it plays a vital role in shaping the future of patient care through innovative vacuum molding in the ReMould range from Care & Independence.

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Did you know? There is a battery version, which speeds up the process a lot? See it here: