Younique Mobility & Healthcare refer all insurance and warranty to Mark Bates Limited and as an independent distributor of mobility and medical equipment we highly recommend them.

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Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
No large repair bills here. If your product stops working through no fault of your own.
Full Cost Of Repair
Our policy will cover the the parts, callout and the labour needed to get you going again.
New For Old
You won’t get left behind. If your product is less than three years old we’ll replace it with a new version if it is beyond repair
Hassle Free Claims
UK based claims team, on hand to deal with your claim and go through any questions that you have.
Years Of Coverage
You can carry on covering your Mobility Scooter or Powerchair for years to come with policies available for new and used equipment.
No Excess
We don’t require any contribution to a claim regardless of blame, so your pennies will stretch that little bit further.


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Keeping Your Mobility Product Covered: Understanding Insurance and Healthcare Warranty Options