Folding mobility scooter

Auto Folding Mobility Scooter?

Folding mobility scooter
Remote control folding mobility scooter with 20 mile range

Suddenly, I find myself in the Mobility Shop we opened recently, in Old Hill, Halesowen. After years of supplying mobility shops, the NHS and local authorities with “professional” grade equipment, here I am staring at walking sticks, rollators, wheelchairs and scooters, riser recliners and now this fab auto folding mobility scooter.

What a great piece of kit this is! At just over 20kg, the weight of one of my wife’s shoe cases (but smaller…) when we [used to] go on holiday, and with a range of 15-20 miles its brill. I am thoroughly enjoying zooming about on it to the shops and back and think that its folding ability is outstanding.

It carries me, weighing in at around 16st or 101kg and change, and at 6 feet tall (but shrinking…), I am very impressed that I can get in and out of it with ease, despite my decaying knee. It can carry me up and down the high street and in and out of our shop via the ramp easily and dare I say it, while I’m having fun too!

The value of this to me, is priceless. There is a price to pay for countless rugby injuries, a near fatal motorcycle accident and another near fatal fall from a cliff and that is damp creaky knees, neck and ribs! The cost of my freedom on this mobility scooter is not really a cost, is it. Its a subscription to my life and my freedom to be independent and get things done on my terms in my own time. Coming in at a little under the cost of a decent holiday for two these days, and with an expected life of 10 years depending on how we roll, that’s about £200-300 a year to you and me, including insurance.

When the time comes I’ll be getting a much bigger machine for more heavy duty like mountaineering or polar exploring but for now, the auto folding mobility scooter, at £1900 is a bargain to free me from a life of staring at the tv.

I would encourage you to look at and try an auto folding scooter, or any mobility scooter and make sure you work with a reputable dealer with a service capability on site – ie an actual workshop and actual engineer. We get asked to repair scooters and replace batteries that should be lasting longer that have been supplied on the internet, even bought directly from China and lasting only a few months. The extra you pay at a reputable dealer isn’t profit, it keeps the lights on, the repairs capability going and helps when you need it most.

Here is a scenario: you see our scooter, visit the store, we assess its suitability – yes we make sure it will work for you too – and we check everything is right before even talking about selling it to you and then you leave the store, talk to family and Big John, a friend down the pub, gets one for you at half the cost. Amazing. Take it, we will help when it goes wrong no problem but not for free. Big John will be nowhere to be seen and you’re out of pocket.

Another is that a national company, bringing them in from China, has no control over the product, does not buy spares and will not get an engineer to you until next month. So now you are staring at the walls. Call us, we will try to help, and for as cost effectively as possible and usually within a day or two.

Younique Mobility was started to give our experience to you and that’s what I am doing here. In the interest of transparency, we sell these mobility scooters and offer service and batteries at our shop and online so we can help as many people as we can.

Auto Folding Mobility Scooter?
  • Airline Friendly
  • Twin batteries
  • 20kg lifting weight – about two bags of shopping
  • 15 miles on one charge
  • 30 mins fast charge
  • USB port – charge your phone too
  • Big enough for anyone up to 6 feet tall
  • Small enough for kids to use in school too

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