Riser Recliner Servicing

Riser Recliner Servicing – Do Not Wait For a Breakdown!

Mobility Riser Recliner Servicing is vital to keep your rise recliner working as it should and safely. Service your recliner today and book your next service on the day t0 receive 25% off your next service!


Riser Recliner Servicing

Lift & Rise Chairs Servicing

Most common issues with lift & rise / recliners are caused by faulty electronics or mechanisms. All of our technicians are capable of replacing most parts at your home, and carry out further testing to ensure equipment is safe for use. All of our technicians carry a wide variety of generic parts at all times to allow for quicker repairs and shorter lead time.


  • Recliner mechanism replacement
  • Recliner handle & cable replacement
  • Power recliner repair
  • Electric component replacement
  • Motors & control boxes
  • Handset replacement
  • Wires & electrical component
  • Damage
  • Adjustments to mechanisms
  • Servicing

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Riser Recliners, while they are a lifting device, do not fall under the LOLER regulations. Instead they sit with PUWER, but only if you have paid professional staff in attendance, eg home care assistant. Of course we would prefer you to have a service but it is a discretionary thing in the private home. Its good practice though, a bit like anything else mechanical, you have to look after it if you rely on it looking after you!