Spark Wheelchair Children’s Wheelchair from Ki Mobility


Product Description

Folding Frame

The Spark features the same well-designed folding frame from Ki’s long-running Catalyst series of folding active wheelchairs. It features a clean, ergonomic and easy to release latch that folds the Spark up into a highly compact package that fits in the back of almost every car. It opens again just as easily, ready to go again. With legrests removed, the frame is an incredibly light 8 kg, easy to lift in and out of a vehicle.


The Spark comes as standard as the chassis of the wheelchair, as pictured, being designed to have a third-party seating system fitted to it. We can assess your child for the ideal seating, as well as supplying this alongside the Spark, ensuring it provides the comfort and support your child needs. Ki’s Axiom seating is a popular option, as it allows for easy integration and is available in a range of bright colours.

Designed to accommodate growing children, the Spark’s frame can be extended by up to two inches in width, and four inches in depth, ensuring it will fit for many years to come.


Each Spark is built to order with a wide range of options – including height adjustable push handles or a stroller handle, a variety of legrests including elevating ones. Wheel selections allow the Spark to be set up in the ideal configuration to encourage your child to self-propel, allowing them safe and independent mobility.

As you would expect from Ki, the Spark is an attractive wheelchair, with a choice of ten gloss and nine matt frame finishes. If you have opted for an Axiom backrest this can be finished in either the same colour or a contrasting one, to further stand out.

Our Verdict

The Spark is an impressive wheelchair, capable of accepting almost any seating system on the planet. Most parents opt for lighter rigid framed models such as the Little Wave XP, which can still be easily transported, has the same growth options, and can accommodate third-party seating.


[kapee_heading title_tag=”h3″ title_align=”left” title=”Spark – Children’s Wheelchair” sub_title=”Pediatric wheelchair” tagline=”A unique paediatric wheelchair” title_color=”#3cbac8″ tagline_color=”#3cbac8″]

Spark is designed to be used with virtually any clinically prescribed seating system

[kapee_heading title_tag=”h5″ title_align=”left” title=”Form Adds Function”]

The unique contour of the Spark’s backrest increases the useable depth of the seating system by allowing the seat to move underneath the back by an extra 2″. This innovative design also comes with 32° of built-in angle adjustability and the ability to change the depth by 4″, in 1″ increments.

[kapee_heading title_tag=”h5″ title_align=”left” title=”Easier On The Eye”]

The Spark uses an aesthetically pleasing frame extender to keep the length of the frame shorter and stronger while allowing for up to 4″ of depth adjustability when you need it. This keeps the frame manageable for the rider and the caretaker.

[kapee_heading title_tag=”h5″ title_align=”left” title=”Simplicity Is Catching”]

With the clean, ergonomic, easy-to-release latch, the chair folds up into an incredibly small package and opens again with a snap.

[kapee_heading title_tag=”h5″ title_align=”left” title=”Up-In-Arms”]

The Flip-Up arm is angle, height, and length adjustable giving unmatched flexibility when setting up a seating system.

[kapee_heading title_tag=”h5″ title_align=”left” title=”Front Frame Styles”]

Spark offers the option of a swing away front end featuring our patented footrests or 70° or 80° fixed frames.  The swing away hangers come in 4 bends (60, 70, 80 & 90) are light and easy to use and so strong we offer a lifetime warranty.

[kapee_heading title_tag=”h5″ title_align=”left” title=”90° Extended Length Hanger”]

The 90° hanger has been redesigned to allow for very short lengths. With a minimum footrest length of 3 3/4″ and adjustability in 1/2″ increments, the best hanger in the industry works great for kids!

[kapee_heading title_tag=”h5″ title_align=”left” title=”Maxx Performance Spoke”]

Maxx Performance is our new spoke wheel that offers performance and style without a high price tag. It features eighteen radial spokes and a high flange hub that result in increased rigidity for a more responsive, better performing wheel. The heightened level of responsiveness combined with a lightweight design give the rider the most from every push. Constructed with a 6061 series aluminium rim and straight steel spokes with a durable black satin finish for a look and feel that is anything but standard.

Additional Information

Transport Weight *

7.94 kg * Spark weight calculated based upon: 12”x12” Frame with Stroller Handle Back Posts, and 5” Poly Casters. Armrests, Footrest and Rear Wheels removed.

Seat Width

25 – 41 cm

Seat Depth

31 – 46 cm

Front Seat Height

33 – 53 cm

Rear Seat Height

28 – 47 cm


0°, 2°, 4°

Weight Capacity

76.20 kg

Top Frame Tubing Size

2.54 cm

Bottom Frame Tubing Size

2.86 cm