The Hugga Onion – Universal T roll


Designed by two expert neuro-physiotherapists with over 30 years combined experience. 

The Onion can be used by people who find it hard to move are most at risk of developing body shape distortions because they sit or lie in limited positions. Failure to protect a person’s body shape can have serious consequences. It can even cause premature death. The earlier the intervention the better.

The Onion provides external postural control and support for adults and children. It can be used in either supine or side-lying and is very simple to apply.  


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The Onion helps to control the posture and position of the body in supine lying, with easy to remove layers.  It can be used throughout the life of the user.  You can adjust to provide correction of the user. 
The Onion also helps manage adduction. 
The device is easy to wipe clean.
The Onion is designed predominantly but not exclusively to better manage the posture and positioning of a person whilst lying in supine.
Please seek professional medical advice before purchasing/using this product.
1) The pelvis should where possible be positioned in mid-line
2) The Onion is placed under the knees
3) Roll the Onion forward to secure abduction and external rotation
4) The vertical segment should be placed between the thighs
5) layers of the onion can be added or removed independently depending on the degree of flexion in each limb as well as the level of adduction or abduction.
6) wipe clean only, avoid harsh abrasives and industrial cleaning products
The world’s first universal T roll makes the Onion perfect from paediatrics all the way through to adulthood. No longer do you need to buy several sizes throughout a clients development
All three arms of the Onion can be independently configured to create the optimum positioning aid for the user whilst lying in supine