Modular Wheelchair Mobility Ramps

£2,995.00 excl. VAT

Modular Wheelchair Mobility Ramps


Crafted from galvanised steel, our expanded metal surface offers a premium, cost-effective solution for wheelchair mobility ramps. Tested and certified for low slip potential across various gradients, in both wet and dry conditions, this multi-directional grip surface ensures secure footing in all weather conditions. With natural drainage properties, users can maintain stability while traversing the ramp. The mesh profile provides grip in all directions, creating a comfortable and sturdy surface suitable for most types of footwear.



Balustrade handrails are essential for non-domestic ramps over 380mm and domestic ramps over 600mm in height. Designed to prevent climbing and ensure safety, these handrails are particularly crucial in areas where children might use the ramp.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I purchase a metal modular ramp?
To purchase a metal modular ramp, simply contact us at 0121 630 3850 or visit our shop to try it out.

2. Can members of the public make purchases?
Absolutely! We cater to all members of the community.

3. Do you offer price matching?
For inquiries regarding price matching, please give us a call at 0121 630 3850 or email us with the specification details, and we’ll see what deals we can do for you!

REMEMBER – not all ramps are the same. If you want one you’ll never need to touch again, you’re already in the right place.

Trusted by the NHS, Central and Local Governments, Charities, museums and heritage sites, the MOD and Universities all over the UK and Europe.



Modular Wheelchair Mobility Ramps


The original metal Modular Wheelchair Mobility Ramps have been meticulously crafted in Britain in the home of industry for over 30 years.

Still hand crafted with with the end user, regulations and compliance, and safety in mind. Manufactured from galvanized steel, and available in Green or Black the ramp system is robust and easy to assemble, requiring simple bolt-together installation.

You can even do it yourself!

With our Easiramp, you can experience immediate accessibility without hassle.

Features and Benefits

  • Galvanized – Ramp platforms and handrails are hot-dip galvanized, ensuring complete protection against the elements.
  • Powder Coated – Electrostatic powder coating provides a durable and warm-to-touch surface on all ramp handrails.
  • Balustrade Rail – Prevents the passage of a 100mm sphere through any ramp section, often required in installations over a certain height and recommended for areas where children will use the equipment.
  • Hatch Sections – Offer an easy and cost-effective solution to access inspection chambers, drainage, or other obstacles commonly found on-site.
  • Trombone Ends – Can be added to the ramp to prevent clothes from snagging.
  • Connectors – Allow for adjustment in gradient without the need to cut rails.
  • Gate Unit – Universal gates enable left or right-handed installation without requiring a separate product.
  • Step Units – Versatile and adjustable step units can stand alone or attach to the modular ramp for ambulant stepped access.
  • Midrail – Perfect for wheelchair users, especially where self-propelled, our ramp system can incorporate a midrail for added safety and support.

The modular design of each ramp ensures easy dismantling and reconfiguration, without the need for cutting or customization. With recycling and reusability at the forefront of our product design, significant cost savings are achievable. Get in touch for more information on these outstanding British designed and made ramps.

What next? Get in touch, send us a photo and some measurements and we can produce an estimate for you. The we will explore in detail if you like what you see and hear, we will arrange to visit for a survey if its needed.