MediSmart MicroCell Companion

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The MediSmart MicroCell Companion is an ultra-low profile alternating surface that can retrofit to rise/recline chairs to provide an ultra-thin (20mm) pressure-relieving surface.

  • Folds up small
  • 136kg user weight
  • Extremely quick to deploy
  • Community Nursing
  • Triage
  • Accident & Emergency
  • Ambulance
  • Assessment Units
  • Hospice
  • Discharge Planning
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[kapee_heading title=”The Microcell Companion Dynamic Pressure Mattress” title_color=”#000000″ tagline_color=”#ffffff” sub_title=”Ideal for any community nursing or care role” tagline=”Care from the boot of your car”]

The Microcell Companion Pressure Mattress has been design over years of An “ultra low profile” dynamic pressure mattress system with the full benefit of deep cell systems. It is capable of storage in a car/ambulance or in triage cupboards.

The ultra-low pressure relief system can fit easily onto existing seating chairs, in the home, care home, nursing home or hospital/hospice.

Ideal for triage trolleys, ambulances and more where patients need to wait for assessment. 136kg weight limit gives this Ultra-low profile dynamic pressure relief mattress an amazing range of scenarios of use.

The super quiet, easy to use pump automatically adjusts to the patient’s weight which means no adjustments required. The Medismart ultra low-profile Microcell Companion system can be left running 24/7. It has safety features found on full size deep cell dynamic mattresses, including audible and visual pressure/power loss alarms.

The ultra-low profile Microcell Companion Pressure Mattress has been clinically tested and pressure mapped. It performs impressively when used on a standard rise/recline chair, ward chairs, trolleys and much more.

There are two standard sizes – full size covering the full length of the riser/recliner chair/ward trolley/ ambulance trolley or a ‘two thirds size’ covering the seat and leg/heel areas.

[kapee_heading title=”How Does It Help” sub_title=”Pressure Sore Prevention” tagline=”Preventing Sores the World Over”]
  • Pressure sore healing
  • Pressure sore prevention
  • Improved Skin condition
  • Benefits-
  • Offers comfort during use
  • Easy to use following simple instructions
  • Can be retrofitted to most chairs
  • Saves money, especially in emergency situations
  • Delivers instant benefits where and when required

Microcell Companion

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Full Length 72 Cells, 3/4 Length 40 Cells