Burnett ReMould Seating Supports

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<h3 class="section-title">Burnett ReMould Seating Supports</h3>
<h3 class="section-title">Established by John Burnett</h3>
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The first vacuum support was devised over 50 years ago and it was so successful that the idea developed into a range and over the past two decades through professional therapists input we now have a comprehensive range of solutions that are available today.

The Burnett ReMould Seating Supports System is a flexible and highly adaptable solution to meet the postural needs of both adults and children.

Burnett ReMould range are designed to provide comfortable postural support to the user within the seating area required.

As it is not a fixed mould, it is able to adapt to the users changes easily.
All of our supports are manufactured in a sealed, stretch, flexible, hygienic material and can be used for more than one user.

Standard products are available alongside a completely bespoke design and manufacturing service.


Burnett ReMould Seating Supports

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