Savaria FL fixed lifts

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MPN: 12380
Brand: Silvalea


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Compatible with other ceiling lift tracks
If you already have a track system installed, you may be able to continue its use by simply converting to a Savaria ceiling lift. A certified installer will verify load handling of your current track system and add the conversion kit. Savaria ceiling lifts are compatible with major current and older brands including Arjo Kwiktrack, Handicare, Prism, Tollos, BHM, Liko, Guldmann, Surehands, Horcher, and Barrier Free. Use our compatibility chart to see what’s needed, or call us to get the answers you need.


Safe patient handling

Many healthcare professionals were taught that proper body mechanics can eliminate the risk of injury when lifting patients. But newer research shows us that the only safe way to reduce injury to thousands of caregivers is by using a ceiling lift. That said, how can institutions ensure compliance for use of ceiling lifts?

Easy to use and ultra reliable

From the first touch, the Savaria ceiling lift is intuitive to use. No extraneous buttons and lights will get in the way of quickly operating the lift to move up and down and side to side. With the lithium ion battery at work, the lift requires charging far less often and can be charged very quickly when needed. Add to that a long product life span with fewer service calls. It’s built to be a lift that caregivers will love to use.

SureClip system

Traditional designs use a clip that opens inward. While that makes the clip easy to push during attachment of the sling, it also introduces a common mis-use issue whereby the caregiver mistakenly believes the sling has been securely fastened when in fact the sling loop is not inside the clip. The Savaria SureClip system opens outward to create a more secure method of attaching the sling to lift.


Additional Information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 200 cm

Air Comfort V2 Chair, Footplates, Meal Tray, Lap Belt, All Accessories Bundle

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