MediSmart MicroCell Companion

Adds Dynamic Pressure Relief to ANY Reclining Chair.

The MediSmart MicroCell Companion is an ultra-low profile alternating surface that can retrofit to rise/recline chairs to provide an ultra-thin (20mm) pressure-relieving surface.

Patented MicroCell air cell design (25mm x 20mm) gives an ultra thin pressure surface which ensures that the patient’s position is not impacted.

Compelling pressure mapping results whilst offering increased comfort level.

The PU film air cell bank is fitted into a fully welded Dartex cover which is both water proof and vapour permeable.

Adjustable straps allow easy fitting to most existing rise/recliner chair.

Designed and manufactured in the UK*****MicroCell

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What is different?

The patented ultra-low profile ‘microcell technology’ is the result of many years of in house Research and Development at the cutting-edge of pressure relief solutions. This led to the de-velopment of ultimate, ultra-low pressure relief system now available to retro fit on existing rise and recline chairs, either in full length (70 microcells) or the lower seat (45 microcells)

The ‘super quiet’ plug “n” play, easy to use pump automatically adjusts to the patient/ client’s weight which means no adjustments required. The Medismart ultra low profile Microcell Com-panion system can be left running 24/7 and has safety features which include audible and visual alarms in case of emergency, .e.g., a sudden power cut.

The accompanying pressure mapping results indicate the effectiveness of the Medismart ultra low profile Microcell Companion when used on a standard rise/recline chair. Current-ly, the system can be manufactured in two sizes, i.e., full size covering the full length of the riser/recliner chair and a ‘two thirds size’ covering the seat and leg/heel areas.

Early feedback and evaluations have shown the system to be very comfortable for the users whilst at the same time providing pressure relief.

136Kgs SWL

How Does It Help

Pressure sore healing
Pressure sore prevention
Improved Skin condition
Offers comfort during use
Easy to use following simple instructions
Can be retrofitted to most chairs
Saves money, especially in emergency situations

Delivers instant benefits where and when required


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