AquAlign Tilt-in-Space Shower Chair


The tilt in space shower chair – Focusing on adjustability and durability, the range delivers significant support to you.

The shower chair has a tilt-in-space action to assist with posture and positioning. The unique built-in adjustment allows the chair to be set up for many users and environments without the need to order bespoke frames.

Specific transfer types and client needs have been considered in the design of this product, to prevent compromise becoming the “industry norm”. The low seat height that can be achieved, also assists those transferring with a stand-aid hoist along with the negative forward tilt which supports users to stand during rehab programmes.

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Features and benefits:

Tilt in space and recline as standard

Designed to be used over automatic toilets

Adjustable seat height – effective for users still weight bearing

Commode Pan options

Height Adjustable and angle adjustable footplates

Stainless Steel Frame

Headrest and lateral support options

Contoured Headrest

The contoured headrest for the shower chair range has been manufactured to provide lateral head support and positioning solutions for those users who require it when in the shower.  The unique design allows for the headrest wings to be simply opened or closed to meet the needs of many users to have the right head position. 

Commode Pan

The large 9 litre pan has an integral carry handle for care givers to carry out this procedure effectively.  
The durable plastic has been designed with daily routine in mind and will stand up to the test of time. 


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